European Conference on Embolotherapy

June 17-19 | ONLINE

June 17-19 | ONLINE

June 17-19 | ONLINE

June 17-19 | ONLINE

June 17-19 | ONLINE

ProgrammeScientific programme

Scientific programme

This year’s scientific programme features a wide range of topics presented by renowned faculty, exploring both fundamental and controversial topics, investigating the most recent data as well as real cases, offering a wealth of knowledge and experience to a diverse group of participants.

ET 2021 programme highlights include

  • Established therapies, such as PAE, UFE, TARE and TACE for primary liver cancer
  • New applications, including haemorrhoids, trauma and low-flow AVMs
  • Case-based learning on UAE for cases other than fibroids, endoleak, and GI bleeding
  • Exploration into the latest technology, including microcatheters, microwires, particles, liquids and more!

Sneak Peek: BRTO/PRT

We caught up with Prof. B. Funaki to talk about RTO techniques, when they are applicable, and where the field is headed. Make sure to join the corresponding session on June 19, 16:00 CEST!

Sneak Peek: Kidney embolisation

We caught up with Prof. Peter Minko to discuss the developments, indications, and importance of embolisation for kidney treatment which will be the subject of a special topic session.

Sneak Peek: Joint embolisation

We talked to Prof. M. Little, one of the lecturers of the joint embolisation session, about the current status of MSK embolotherapy, supporting evidence, and where the field is headed.

Sneak Peek: Lymphatic interventions

We sat down with Prof. G. Maleux to discuss how recent improvements in techniques and technology have expanded the scope of lymphatic conditions treated with embolotherapy, and how these procedures can become more widely used.

Sneak Peek: Trauma

We caught up with Prof. L. Defreyne to discuss the importance of embolisation for trauma treatment, its outcomes, and what the future holds.

With its five targeted session types, the ET 2021 programme provides a wide-ranging education on the field’s most of-the-moment topics, as well as established therapies.

Case Remedy Sessions

In the Case Remedy Sessions, four panellists will present their cases, which will focus on a number of elements, including the personalised approach, other therapy options, technical aspects, outcome and follow-up.

Technical Focus Sessions

The sessions will contain four talks, highlighting the latest trends and exploring a great variety of tools and materials from liquids to microcatheters and microwires to temporary agents and particles, complimenting an extensive technical exhibition.

Special Topic Sessions

Special Topic Sessions aim to cover new areas and developments in embolotherapy. They are designed to impart the latest knowledge on topics important to daily practice, with current evidence being their central focus.

Established Therapy Sessions

Established Therapy Sessions will focus on the most popular topics in embolisation. Each talk will feature a different aspect of embolisation, from patient information, procedural tips, common complications and the next developments.

Morbidity and Mortality Conferences

In the Morbidity and Mortality – Bad Day session, experts will present complicated cases which had a negative outcome. The Morbidity and Mortality – Good Day session will feature a panel of IRs presenting cases that involved a serious complication but had a positive outcome.