See you in Valencia!

Few cities combine the old world with the new in the way Valencia does. The city’s abundant historical treasures date as far back as 138 BC when it was founded as a Roman colony and have continued into the modern age, with numerous contemporary architectural gems studded throughout the city.


Valencia-Manises International Airport
Valencia-Manises International Airport lies just 8 kilometres west of the city centre and offers over 60 international and domestic flight connections. Taxis to the city centre from the airport cost around 20 euros, while metro fare and bus fare to the city centre cost 4.90 euros and 2.50 euros respectively. A Valencia Tourist cards can also be purchased at the airport tourist office, which includes metro travel fare.

Public transportation
Valencia’s old town and main shopping areas all lie within walking distance. To cover further distances, it may be worth using the city’s bus (, metro or tram systems (

Taxi ranks can be found at most key points of interest in the city centre and can also be hailed in the street. Taxis in Valencia are white and green illuminated lights on the top of the taxi indicate when they are available for hire.

Valencia Conference Centre
Located in a modern and vibrant part of town, the Valencia Conference Centre is easily accessible and surrounded by numerous hotels and restaurants. The conference centre is situated just seven minutes from the Valencia-Manises International Airport by car and eight minutes from the city centre and high-speed train.

Travel Information
Valencia is brimming with impressive sights and exciting activities that cater to all tastes. The city’s eclectic architecture boasts styles that range from the historical, such as Valencia’s majestic Cathedral, to the futuristic, such as the impressive City of Arts and Sciences.

Natural treasures include the city’s various beaches and the Albufera national Park, while culinary treasures, including the world-famous paella, can be found in the numerous restaurants and cafes. You will also find over 30 different museums to choose from, Europe’s largest aquarium and numerous buzzing markets and shopping streets.

With so many options, it is well worth taking the time to plan your trip in advance and official websites such as the ones listed below can offer useful advice and ideas for your itinerary.