European Conference on Embolotherapy
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June 21-24 | Valencia, Spain

June 21-24 | Valencia, Spain

June 21-24 | Valencia, Spain

June 21-24 | Valencia, Spain

June 21-24 | Valencia, Spain


Dr. Yajush Jain

First author, “N-Butyl cyanoacrylate embolisation of an extremely rare variant of sequestration complex – a high flow left to left shunt between systemic artery and pulmonary vein”

Why did you choose ET to submit your case report abstract?

I practice interventional radiology in India. I believe ET provides an international forum where the best of minds come together to share their work and experience – ET provides a golden opportunity to represent your research at a global level and witness how IRs are pushing the boundaries to new horizons.

Are there any special considerations to take into account when submitting this type of abstract?

While submitting a case report, one should keep in mind the rarity of case. An important aspect would be to present the diagnosis and the provided interventional treatment in a way that does justice to the uniqueness of the case. At the same time, the report should aid clinicians with proper guidance for dealing with such rare cases.

How did you find the submission process?

The submission process was not only smooth but extremely user friendly. When faced with any hinderances, the help was prompt and provided reassuring solutions. This really generates trust and provides a space where both giving and receiving of ideas is encouraged, making sure research reaches a mass audience.

Do you have any tips for physicians considering submitting an abstract?

Being faced with a difficult scenario and afraid of getting stuck is a common occurrence in our field. As soon as a progress is made and the solution comes into sight, it must be shared at a platform where everyone can benefit. This strengthens our community and creates a base for future research; physicians should keep in mind that submitting their case can have a huge impact.

Will you submit an abstract for ET 2023 as well?

I have a deep faith in the system of generating ideas through conversation between like minded individuals. Going ahead in the future, submitting to ET to share experiences and innovative propositions would always be a consideration. ET has always provided a great opportunity!