European Conference on Embolotherapy
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June 21-24 | Valencia, Spain

June 21-24 | Valencia, Spain

June 21-24 | Valencia, Spain

June 21-24 | Valencia, Spain

June 21-24 | Valencia, Spain


Dr. Svyatoslav Malov

First author, “Multiple feeders during BRTO.”  Petrovsky National Research Centre Of Surgery, Moscow/RU.

Why did you choose ET to submit your educational abstract?

Malov: ET is the European leading and the world’s largest congress dedicated to the problems of embolisation. The information exchange on such platforms allows to reach out to the most specialists and provides an opportunity to interact with the main opinion leaders. I find it crucial to share one’s experience. I am hopeful that the series of observations presented by us may help colleagues to improve the results of their work.

Are there any special considerations to take into account when submitting this type of abstract?

The primary objective when submitting an educational abstract is to analyse the literature and to identify the problems arising during operations that have not been fully addressed. Having identified the unsolved problems, one may offer possible solutions in the abstract.

How did you find the submission process?

The submission process hasn’t taken much time. The website and the submission form are user-friendly and intuitively understandable.

Do you have any tips for physicians considering submitting an abstract?

Upon studying the papers on the headmost direction in one’s healthcare centre, vulnerabilities should be identified and ultimate solutions offered.

Will you submit an abstract for ET 2023 as well?

Yes – we carried out a series of operations in 2022 that will allow us to summarize information and present it at ET 2023.