European Conference on Embolotherapy
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June 21-24 | Valencia, Spain

June 21-24 | Valencia, Spain

June 21-24 | Valencia, Spain

June 21-24 | Valencia, Spain

June 21-24 | Valencia, Spain


Dr. Julio Tejelo Labrador

First author, “Percutaneous image-guided therapies of chylous leakages: alternatives to thoracic duct embolization”

Why did you choose ET to submit your educational abstract?

Labrador: ET is the congress dedicated to one of the most exciting and challenging treatments in our work: embolisation. After one year as an interventional radiology fellow, I learned a lot about interesting embolic agents and procedures, so I wanted to review some of what I had learned and show it to the interventional radiology community, specifically in this case, the anatomy and pathology of the lymphatic system and the interventional treatments available for it.

Are there any special considerations to take into account when submitting this type of abstract?

For an educational abstract, you must review the subject you want to prepare in detail and try to explain the topic as simply as you can. ET is an excellent opportunity for IRs to observe and learn original and innovative aspects of embolisation, which is why it is important to offer content that the current literature has not developed yet.

How did you find the submission process?

I found the process, like other CIRSE congresses I have applied to, well organized and with coherent deadlines for the submission your work.

Do you have any tips for physicians considering submitting an abstract?

My tips as junior IR are probably different to those that experienced IRs could give; but what I seek to do when I prepare any abstract or poster submission is to take advantage of something which has caught my attention. It’s easy to find novelty in interventional radiology and review what is already written. Striving to offer something original (of course, with good structure and complying to the different terms) is key of doing a good job.

Will you submit an abstract for ET 2023 as well?

I don´t know yet. What I am preparing now is not related to embolisation. If I finish it soon, I hope to discover some new materials or challenging procedures to write about.