European Conference on Embolotherapy
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June 21-24 | Valencia, Spain

June 21-24 | Valencia, Spain

June 21-24 | Valencia, Spain

June 21-24 | Valencia, Spain

June 21-24 | Valencia, Spain

ProgrammeWelcome to ET 2023

Introductory words from the SPC Chairpersons

Patrick Haage
Patrick Haage
Otto M. van Delden
Otto M. van Delden
Deputy Chairperson

Embolotherapy goes from strength to strength and has undoubtedly become one of the most important tools in interventional radiologists’ armamentarium for fighting a great number of conditions, in many cases becoming the first line treatment.

Since its establishment in 2019, the European Conference on Embolotherapy has established itself as a key feature in the support and further development of the evidence base and educational content in embolisation treatments. After a very successful launch in 2019 and an online edition in 2021, ET was back onsite in 2022, once again uniting healthcare professionals from around the globe to discuss the latest developments in this important field.

The conference’s first call for abstracts in 2022 met with great interest, leading to a total number of 160 submitted papers. This outstanding response showed once again that ET has an important place in the interventional calendar, giving embolisation experts the platform to stay up to date on everything there is to know within their subspecialisation. Abstract submission will become a permanent feature in all future ET meetings to allow for all members of the community to share their research data and contribute to the conference’s programme with their knowledge.

For ET’s 2023 programme, we are striving to create a balance between updates on well-established therapies, such as UFE, PAE, and the treatment of vascular malformations, and up-and-coming procedures such as haemorrhoid treatment, paediatric procedures, and neuro-interventions. A new programme feature will be the exceptional cases session in which renowned experts will present their most brain-teasing cases and show how they successfully treated the patient.

Throughout the congress, one of the main foci will be the clinical component of our work, with lectures honing in on the indications for each procedure and always bearing in mind which patients could most benefit from what we do.

Back by popular demand, a paediatric session will delve into minimally invasive care for our youngest patients. In a head and neck session, we will look at a wide array of procedures, from thyroid embolisation to treating post-operative ENT bleeding.

In a miniseries on embolisation in reproductive organs, expert panels will present on obstetric interventions in one session, UAE in a second, and a number of other women’s and men’s health issues in a third.

In addition to a rich lecture programme, ET 2023 will see the introduction of hands-on device training courses, allowing participants to gain experience in the handling of the latest tools and devices. This will also be a great opportunity for our industry partners to present their products and for practitioners to get a first-hand experience on how to best use them.

The satellite symposia will be another fantastic opportunity to learn about the latest technologies and data resulting from the latest device research. We are very much looking forward to a rich industry programme and exhibition.

Interaction with the audience continues to be an important element of the ET programme, with features such as a throw-microphone encouraging discourse between lecturers and attendees. In addition, the audience will be asked to share their experiences and provide their opinions via polls throughout various lectures.

With the beautiful backdrop of sunny Valencia where ET first began, ET 2023 is bound to become an outstanding meeting for education, research, and our community at large.

Hasta pronto en Valencia!