Global expert-led training for effective Lymphangiography with Lipiodol UltraFluid
ET 2024 · June 1st - 4th · Vienna, Austria
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CIRSE Survey Lymphangiography & Lymphatic Interventions:
Results and Implications for Advanced Patient Care
Monday, June 3rd · 13:00 – 13:30 CET (30 min) · Auditorium
Chairman & Speaker
Prof. Geert Maleux

Vascular and
Interventional Radiology,
University Hospitals Leuven,
Prof. Christof M Sommer

Clinic of Diagnostic
and Interventional Radiology,
University Hospital Heidelberg,
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Lymphography Expert Corner
Lymphangiography is undergoing a renaissance, as more and more clinicians realize that it is an important asset to consider in the patient journey.
Immerse yourself in the virtual world of lymphography through
virtual glasses and dive into the cathlab of Prof. Max Itkin.
On demand every day from 09:30 - 17:00 CET (depending on availability).
Lymphangiography in Diagnostic Set-Up & Lymphatic Interventions
Come and meet the expert with all your questions
or just your interest in Lymphangiography.
Sunday and Monday afternoon.

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Prof. Christof M Sommer University Hospitals Heidelberg, GER
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