European Conference on Embolotherapy

June 22-25 | Nice, France

June 22-25 | Nice, France

June 22-25 | Nice, France

June 22-25 | Nice, France

June 22-25 | Nice, France



Watch expert interviews and presentations on selected topics from past ET congresses below or browse all CIRSE videos on the society’s YouTube channel and at the CIRSE Library.


We caught up with Prof. B. Funaki to talk about RTO techniques, when they are applicable, and where the field is headed in preparation for his ET 2021 session on BRTO/PRTO.

Joint embolisation

We talked to Prof. M. Little ahead of ET 2021 about the current status of MSK embolotherapy, supporting evidence, and where the field is headed.

Lymphatic interventions

We sat down with Prof. G. Maleux to discuss how recent improvements in techniques and technology have expanded the scope of conditions and complications treated by lymphatic interventions.

The future of embolotherapy

We caught up with some of the key people who made ET 2019 possible, as well as representatives from some of the conference’s most important industry partners to get their take on where the field of embolotherapy is heading.

Arteriovenous malformations

Although AVMs are relatively rare, most IRs are bound to encounter them in the course of their career. It is therefore important to know the intricacies of this difficult-to-treat condition, including treatment approaches, technical challenges and follow-up.

Embolotherapy in women’s health

Embolotherapy is still strongly underutilised for the treatment of uterine fibroids, adenomyosis and postpartum haemorrhage. We caught up with three experts at ET 2019 to find out more about patient selection, techniques and how to get the word out about embolotherapy.

Relive the spirit of ET 2019

More than 800 medical experts came to Valencia for a fantastic first European Conference on Embolotherapy – ET 2019 – to discuss techniques, materials and the latest advances in embolisation procedures.

ET 2019 Lecture: Haemorrhoid: Anatomy and catheterisation

Listen to Dr. Alberto Rebonato’s lecture “Haemorrhoid: Anatomy and catheterisation.” This is one of just 120 educational lectures presented at ET 2019.

ET 2019 Lecture: Bilateral varicocele

Watch Dr. Raman Uberoi’s ET 2019 presentation on “Bilateral varicocele: what is different about the right side.”